Working with Flourish isn’t the typical business consultancy experience. With over 35 years’ of helping businesses grow, we have honed a process for growth that is accessible, enjoyable and, most importantly, works.


Based in Liverpool and operating across the North West of England, we analyse your business in order to identify what you’re doing well, what could be tweaked and what you should be thinking about next. Quite simply, Flourish provides growth, nurtured from experience.

Let's Talk

Our relationship with you will start the way most business relationships do – a good conversation. We’ll want to learn as much as we can about your business, its structure, how it generates profit and what the team is like.

Big Picture

This is where the real work begins. Over the course of a day, will be work in collaboration with you to outline your business strategy for the next three years. Looking in-depth at your products and services, current and potential markets, your customer base and where there is room to grow.

Next Year

Now we know what the next three years will look like, let’s get into to the details of the next 12 months. This will be an incredibly critical time and it is important that we hit the ground running.


We’ll have our 12-month plan to start us off, but we know that during any growth plan unexpected obstacles will appear from a number of directions, so we’ll work with you to adapt our plan and continue to identify areas of growth.  


Now it’s time to review where we started and where we are now. Our process is cyclical, which means we’ll take a look at what went well, what could be improved and, if needed, set some new objectives for the year ahead.

From Our Clients 

“In the short time we have worked with Gary he has helped us set exciting short and long term growth targets and is now working with us on achieving them. Gary has lots of experience in business growth, development and systems but the planning meetings have also been friendly and designed around us, without adding lots of stress and overheads to the business, like we have experienced with other business advisors.”

Keith Paterson

Director, Tornado Media Ltd

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with Gary & Flourish over the past few months, his support and knowledge has been exceptional and the plans we have put in place have really helped our business.I would highly recommend any business to connect with Gary, no matter what their size as he can really help future proof.”
Peter Hazon

Managing Director, Impackt

“Gary played a key role in the rapid growth of our business, helping us to focus on the key issues to generate profitable growth in a sustainable manner. His broad experience meant that he could guide us on sales strategy based on a strong understanding of financial issues as well as having a major input into our purchase of larger premises and even writing bids for grants for capital expenditure.

Gary also played a huge part in helping both business partners to work together more harmoniously. The culmination of all of this work was the successful sale of our business. Quite simply, we couldn’t have done it without Gary”.

Rob Whitcomb

Former Co-owner, Stainless Handrail Systems

“Gary really helped us to plan for growth with confidence and knowledge that we would succeed.”

James Godfrey

Owner, LeaseLoop

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