Flourish: The Secret to a Blooming Business

What’s in a name? Well, in this case, it’s our entire mission.

At Flourish, we equip North Western SMEs to flourish. Steadily and sustainably.

We partner with boldly ambitious businesses to co-create and develop socially conscious, sustainable growth strategies for futures that flourish.

From our base in Liverpool, we mentor founders, directors, and managers in both a 1-1 or group setting.

What We Do

In our eyes, there’s so much more to building a profitable business.

True success lies in improving employee experience, going beyond bold business ambitions, whilst supporting the local economy. Every service from Flourish equips you to build a profitable business the right way, with sustainability at its heart.

We’re here to better both your world and the wider world by helping socially conscious businesses to bloom.

Our 4 Services:

1 to 1 In Depth Programme

1:1 In-Depth Programme

12-month 1:1 in-depth programme for SME business owners.

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1 to 1 transformational programme

1:1 Transformational Programme

6-month 1:1 transformational programme for SME business owners.

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Growth workshops

Growth Workshops

10-month growth workshops for SME business owners, held in a group.

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Management development programme

Management Development Programme

6-month management development programme for new leaders, held in a group.

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Who We Are

Well, we’ve got to show the faces behind Flourish! Let’s meet the team.


Say hello to our Founder. A born and bred Liverpudlian, Gary has 35+ years of impressive corporate experience to share. He’s held board roles for major brands across business development, operations, purchasing, and marketing.


Now meet our People Development Manager, Leanne! After finishing her studies in Liverpool John Moores University, she now specialises in behaviour profiling. This includes holding DiSC assessments for clients too.


And last but never least, here’s our Office Manager. Ruth is Flourish’s systems superstar, and she’s singlehandedly responsible for the day-to-day running of our business. Ruth also works to improve our communication.

Who We Help

Now we’ve introduced ourselves, let’s dive deeper into you – the people we help.

We partner with boldly ambitious, socially conscious businesses, to co-create sustainable growth strategies for futures that flourish.

Flourish is proudly based in Liverpool, and our mission is to equip businesses within our region to thrive. We long to see the local economy boom, so we prefer collaborating with clients that partner in our vision for a healthier, happier North West. We can work in any business sector, but what is important to us is your passion and heart for the area.

Put simply, we’re here to build a better world by cultivating successful businesses who care for their community.

For reference, here are a few fantastic names we’ve supported in the past.


Why Work With Flourish?

So, you share our enthusiasm for sustainable business growth in the community and you’re interested in working with Flourish. It’s probably time we explain why we’re so good at what we do.

We provide a change in perspective and a nudge in the right direction from an experienced hand. It can go a long way to putting a company on a better path.

Our specialist SME support is available on a flexible basis, in both personalised 1-1 sessions or a group format. Any growth strategies we offer are practical, and based on Gary’s 30+ years of experience in board roles across marketing, purchasing, and more. The knowledge gained has been translated to be effective and efficient for busy SME leaders. As an advisor, Gary carries a uniquely detailed understanding of every business department, and how they can collaborate to maximise your efficiency and success.

We’ve carefully crafted 4 services to suit all budgets, including a 12-month 1:1 in-depth programme, as well as 10-month growth workshops held in a group. We also offer a 6-month 1:1 transformational programme, and a 6-month management development group programme for new leaders.

We’ll help you determine which programme is right for you.

3 Steps To Start Any Programme

At Flourish, we prioritise straightforward service from beginning to end. To keep it simple, your starting steps will be the same from business to business, regardless of programme.

During your free consultation, we will detail the differences between our 6-month and 12-month growth programmes. Before you settle and sign up for any service, we’ll offer an estimated start date and a rough itinerary up to completion.

Step 1.

You express your interest through phone or email, our network, or this website.

Step 2.

We arrange a no-obligation phone call or a coffee to discuss your business objectives.

Step 3.

Together, we settle on a programme that will equip you effectively to succeed.

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