Growth Workshops

If you’re looking to learn and refine ideas as a business owner in the North West, community is a valuable currency. Together, you can avoid replicating the same mistakes while sharing knowledge that’ll equip each one of you to succeed and boost the local economy.

When you aren’t in direct competition, nearby businesses generating plenty of profit is only positive for you. Not only may that money circle back to you, but you can learn from others’ provision.

Our Growth Workshops draw on 30+ years of business experience, while offering a chance to network across a 12-month period.

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What are our Growth Workshops?

At Flourish, our Growth Workshops are 2-hour interactive lessons held in a group, once a month across a 10-month period. Every workshop helps SME founders and directors explore a valuable business principle together, using our Founder’s extensive corporate experience for examples.

Who are the workshops for?

To become an online workshop attendee, we ask that you’re a socially conscious SME founder or director based in the North West. Our 10-month session plan offers highly ambitious business owners to learn collaboratively, network online, share success stories, and be frank about past failures to prevent their peers from suffering through the same. Every industry is welcomed with open arms, and the more diverse our workshop community, the better!

The Process

Step 1.
Contact Us

You call, email, or message us to express your interest.

Step 2.
Your Consultation

We offer a free consultation face-to-face or through the phone.

Step 3.
Confirm Sign-Up

Say yes to the group programme, and receive your welcome pack!

Once you’ve expressed your interest in joining our workshops, we’ll arrange a phone call or a coffee to assess your suitability and outline the process. If the shoe fits, we’ll send you a welcome pack and a schedule for the workshops across the next ten months.

Our Workshops

  • Vision and Mission – Your aspiration and targets
  • Budget and Objectives – Your commitment to yourself
  • Creating KPIs – your tools for predicable success
  • Your Behavioural Style 1 – How you impact others
  • Your Behavioural Style 2 – Creating effective relationships
  • Competition – Understanding the marketplace
  • Your Market Sector – Creating your space in the market
  • Sales Mindset – Helping people to buy
  • Sales Process – Maximising your return
  • Operations – Delivering your promise
  • Finance – managing your money
  • Time Management – Managing yourself

When you’re ready to build your business and watch it bloom, we’re here.

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