1:1 Transformational Programme

When you’ve poured hours into building yourself a business from the ground-up, it’s difficult to detach your emotions and approach financial challenges with a diagnostic mindset. You can absorb any hint of failure personally rather than seeing setbacks as a chance to pivot.

If you’re a lone founder or you’re largely responsible for an SME in the North West, your closeness to your company can spell trouble. You need a fresh perspective.

Our 1:1 Transformational Programme offers exactly that.

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What is our 1:1 Transformational Programme?

The 1:1 Transformational Programme is a 6-month mentorship scheme & personalised business accelerator. It’s the younger sibling to our In-Depth Programme, quickly covering the same sales, marketing, operations, finance & HR fundamentals, but in less detail.

Within the 6-month long programme, you’ll receive 2-hour personal meetings twice per month with our Founder Gary. You’ll spend the first month running through the introductory Phase One, before creating your tailored Three-Year Plan for the business in Phase Two during your second month. The following phases include Cash Flow forecasting, sales & marketing strategy, and personal development.

Who is it for?

Similarly to our In-Depth Programme, the Transformational sessions could benefit any North Western SME owner or director regardless of industry. Since catch-ups are bespoke to you and business principles remain the same across various products and services, SMEs of all ages and sizes could find value in our guidance. However, we favour clients who are committed to bettering the local area by supporting and establishing a strong community – not lining their own pockets.

At Flourish, we want to empower socially conscious and highly ambitious businesses to bloom through our 6-month Transformational Programme. Our dream is to see Liverpool and its neighbouring cities thrive, both financially and socially. If you desire that too, we’d be thrilled to partner with you.

The Process

Step 1.
Contact Us

You call, email, or message us to express your interest.

Step 2.
Your Consultation

We offer a free consultation face-to-face or through the phone.

Step 3.
Creating A Plan

Together, we settle on an itinerary and start date to suit you.

With our 6-month Transformational Programme, each month establishes a new focus. Similarly to our In-Depth Programme, the first two months are spent on business diagnostics and long-term planning. However, the itinerary differs from the third month onwards. Here’s the breakdown:

Month 1

A detailed diagnostic process across 4 weeks, allowing the Flourish team to understand your business purpose, then assess your knowledge across different departments.

Month 2

Collaborating and creating our Three-Year Plan for your business together, using the diagnostic information collected within the first month.

Month 3

Drawing up a detailed 12-month plan for the coming year, working backwards from the Three-Year objectives to understand what you’ll need to achieve by when to reach your long-term goals.

Month 4

Learning how to set budgets and complete a cash flow forecast. Personalised financial support.

Month 5

Studying sales and marketing strategy, then generating ideas to advertise your SME together with Gary.

Month 6

Organisational advice to cover the following two years within your Three-Year Plan, alongside guidance for personal development.

When you’re ready to build your business and watch it bloom, we’re here.

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