Meet Gary, our programme host, and corporate career-holder-turned-founder. Born and raised in Liverpool, his commitment to the North West and its economy is lifelong.

After completing both a BSc and MSc in management sciences from the University of Manchester, Gary’s first job was with Golden Wonder/HP Foods as an Industrial Engineer. Following that, he worked at Fox's Biscuits and Kitchen Range Foods across various departments, delivering major cost savings and revenue growth to customers such as M&S and McDonalds.

After a 3-year stint providing consultancy to multinational corporations starting in 2003, Gary faced a major crossroads in his career. Though he was dealing with huge brands, his heart longed to develop SMEs in the local community.

So, the business was formed in 2007 and rebranded as Flourish. Each and every programme available today puts Gary’s passion and extensive corporate experience to use.


Born in Dingle, Liverpool


Scholarship for St Anselm’s college, Birkenhead

1979 - 1983

Uni Manchester studying BSc and MSc in Management Sciences


First job at Golden Wonder/HP foods

Roles: industrial engineer and purchasing


Joined Foxes Biscuits as Head of Packaging Buying

  • Made £1m saving on £10m budget
  • Helped to launch fresh cookies into Marks & Spencers


Joined Kitchen Range Foods as McDonalds International Account Manager

  • Developed the concept of cheese side orders, such as mozzarella dippers


Became Sales and Marketing Director of Kitchen Range Foods

  • Doubled the turnover and trebled profit over a 4 year period


Consultant to large multinational corporations


Major crossroads in career. To carry on working with huge businesses or to follow heart and develop SMEs within the local community?


Launched Good2Great – ‘realising the dreams of business owners’

  • Successfully supported high growth SMEs and start up businesses with programmes delivered on behalf of The Marches LEP
  • One of top 5 providers of Leadership and Management training on national GrowthAccelerator Programme
  • Developed entrepreneurship programmes with UCLH, Wolverhampton and Worcester universities.
  • These clients created hundreds of jobs and 10s of millions of additional revenue in their communities.


Returned to Liverpool after an absence of 40 years. Finally felt equipped to grow the local economy.


Rebranded the business as Flourish

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