1:1 In-Depth Programme

Founding an SME and managing the day-to-day operations of your business alone is a daunting mission. But business growth doesn’t need to be hard. We don’t believe in bad businesses: some may lose their way, reach a crossroads that’s difficult to navigate, or have a change in tides send them off-course, but all of them began with an essence that’s ready to be rediscovered.

You long to learn from a local success story and establish advantageous industry connections on your doorstep, but there’s few dedicated resources available to you.

Until our 1:1 In-Depth Programme.

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What is our 1:1 In-Depth Programme?

In short, our 1:1 In-Depth Programme is a 12-month mentorship scheme & personalised business accelerator. It’s our most comprehensive programme available, covering strategy across sales, marketing, operations, finance & HR in great detail. Each step is tailored to you.

Within this package, you’ll receive a 2-hour personal meeting twice per month with our Founder Gary, for one year in total. Catch-ups can be held in person across Liverpool & surrounding areas, or through Zoom. During your 12-month timeline, we’ll complete this programme in three phases.

Who is it for?

Since this mentorship is adapted to suit everybody individually, we’ve got the capability to onboard clients from vastly different industries. No matter your product or service, our adaptability and wealth of prior experience means we can cater our tried-and-tested growth principles to you. If you’re an SME founder or director with relentless ambition and a heart to help the North West thrive, you’re an ideal fit for the 1:1 In-Depth Programme.

We don’t discriminate – whether you’re seeking support with your first professional venture, or you’re an entrepreneur that’s been around the block. The accountability we offer alongside the advice we’ve accumulated over a 30+ year long corporate career could equip any age & size of business to bloom.

The Process

Step 1.
Contact Us

You call, email, or message us to express your interest.

Step 2.
Your Consultation

We offer a free consultation face-to-face or through the phone.

Step 3.
Creating A Plan

Together, we settle on an itinerary and start date to suit you.

As we briefly mentioned in our programme summary, this 12-month service will transition through three phases. Each section has a unique purpose, and we’ve broken them down here.

Phase One

We set out straight away with Phase One during the first month to understand the business needs and scope objectives. There are four immediate outcomes during these initial four weeks.

  1. We learn enough about the business to offer tailored, rounded advice.
  2. Clients are taught how to run their business with all departments in mind.
  3. We establish knowledge gaps and identify strategies to overcome them.
  4. Clients receive pointers on problems early to implement changes straight away.

Phase Two

Next, we’ll hold a strategy session in the second month. Now we’ve established your knowledge and confidence, we can use those findings to educate the Three-Year Plan we draw together.

Your Three-Year Plan will cover:

  • What products or services you currently provide & plan to provide.
  • Who your target markets are.
  • What you should expect in sales and profits.
  • What resources you’ll require to meet financial goals.
  • Your top 5 or 6 objectives for the first year, and clear steps to stay on track.

Ongoing Phase

For the following 10 months, you’ll enter the ongoing phase. We’ll implement strategies tailored to you and your business to deliver against targets and objectives identified in Phase Two. Your two monthly meetings will focus on tracking your progress, and keeping you accountable to achieve your Three-Year Plan. If any impromptu problems arise, you’ll have Gary on-hand as a judgement-free sounding board and an advisor to troubleshoot.

When you’re ready to build your business and watch it bloom, we’re here.

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