Motor Design Ltd (MDL) is a world leader in developing advanced software and tools for electric machine design. They have been developing electric motor design software since 1998. 
Their software, Motor-CAD, is recognised worldwide as class-leading motor design software.

They use their expert knowledge of designing electric motors to provide software support to electric machine designers at some of the most prestigious aerospace, automotive and industrial companies worldwide.



Motor Design were at the cutting edge of their field and although they were successful, they had a number of significant challenges which led to the senior team working unsustainable long hours and missed commercial opportunities.

1. Unsustainable development workload for the senior team
2. Limited management experience which resulted in many hours of fire-fighting and lost opportunities
3. Poor Management Information Systems on which to base key decisions


Following a quick but thorough review of the operation, targets were set for the following three years. These targets were underpinned by clear objectives which covered:

1. Development of improved Management Information Systems to set priorities and improve decision-making
2. Clear market positioning highlighting benefits to customers of the MDL package
3. Creation of a robust sales process that could be managed internally
4. Clearly defined roles and responsibilities delegated equally across the senior team


Rapid and sustained profitable growth

Development of senior team to a level that has allowed seamless succession planning

Improved work life balance



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